Your lady of leisure.. Let me indulge you

I found myself in a state of life where I was being restless. Just a bit bored of the everyday life. I’ve always been a very explorative kind of girl, I always wanted to challenge myself. To push myself into the unfamiliar and unknown.  I’m drawn to the world of companionship. I can't deny the rush it’s giving me, the freedom and not to forget the sexuality of mine I get to dig deeper into.

My personality is warm, authentic and adventurous. I'm a great listener and conversationalist. I love chatting for hours about culture, traveling and history. Also, my interests are many and varying. From psychology, traveling to movies, fitness and meditation.

I have a thing for the finer things in life. Exquisite lingerie, a fine bottle of wine, a Michelin restaurant, and speaking of food! It's no secret that I adore and appreciate dinner dates and enjoys all kinds of cuisines, I just want to let you know that fish and seafood are my all time favorite.

I adore the nature, the smell, the fresh wind and the lively sea. To stay in, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while the rain and wind are swirling wildly outside is essential to me. However I do love to explore the world. I have a burning curiosity for the unknown . I have been lucky to visit a lot of beautiful places, and it's just given me more lust to see what the world has to offer me.

I crave connections. The sense of bliss to touch, and to be touched. I want you to explore this petite hourglass body of mine, my soft lips, my sun kissed skin. I like to spoil a generous man or lady with my sensuality and well-mannered personality. I love to be feminine, red nails, wearing high heels and a classy dress, my wardrobe is always appropriate for any occasion. If you'd prefer to see me a bit more casual, in jeans and a tight top, just let me know before we meet. 

During our time together you will be the sole focus from the second we meet, to the minute we say goodbye. I'm sure you have a busy working life, let me help you relax, take a deep breath, let's forget about all stress and worries, just enjoy the power of now. In the end of the day it's all about making the most out of this one life, right?


  • Age

    28 y/o

  • Eyes


  • Hair

    Light brown

  • Height

    170 cm/5’8

  • Weight

    58 kg/120 Ibs

  • Shoe size


  • Dress


  • Bust size
  • Favorite drink


  • Favorite food